Is this weekend really almost over already? Time flies. I’m gearing up for the Desperate Housewives finale tonight then it’s back to the grind. Ok, onto the food…

Dinner 5.16

For dinner yesterday, I made an easy chicken dish from Emeril along with a Berry Goat Cheese Salad, a recipe I found on the Whole Foods website a while ago. The chicken dish was simple but flavorful (I marinated the chicken for almost four hours, as the recipe suggests). I also used chicken breasts instead of thighs and baked the chicken instead of grilling it. Very tasty and moist!

For a side dish, I made the berry salad which was excellent. I love berries, not only are they tasty but also a sign of summer! All berries were on sale at Stop & Shop yesterday so blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all made it into the salad. I wouldn’t normally think to mix berries, roasted onions and tomatoes together but it was great. The dressing was also simple to make and very complementary to the dish. I didn’t use quite as much goat cheese as the recipe suggested but it was still plenty. I do love cheese! 🙂 

Dinner and Lucch 5.16 and 5.17 003

Because most of my recipes make leftovers (like this one), it’s always great to have a quick meal for the next day. Today for dinner I made a dinner salad consisting of the leftover salad topped with chilled chicken. Yum! I will definitely make both dishes again, you just can’t go wrong, especially with the salad. Ok, no salad rant today, although I do seem to be on a salad kick these days!

Dinner 5.17


Have a good Monday!