Leftovers were the name of the game today. I had a good amount of grilled veggies left over from last night’s dinner. I made a spinach salad for lunch, topped with the grilled veggies, cucumbers and goat cheese. For a little dressing, I mixed a little olive oil and red wine vinegar. It was tasty for a random mix!


For dinner, the grilled veggies made yet another appearance. (But, I think I’ll take a little break from them after today).  I whipped up a little dish of whole wheat spaghetti, grilled veggies, olive oil, goat cheese and a spoonful of pesto. I just popped it all in the microwave for 2 minutes and dinner was served.


I have to say my dad would be very proud of my use of leftovers since he’s normally the leftover man in the family. 😉

PS – I came home to working cable and Internet tonight plus Comcast has reached out to me twice today. You know what they say about the sweaky wheel! Anyway, I still don’t understand why the issues keep happening but my opinion of Comcast is better than last night.