My week has been interesting to say the least. It has included technology troubles, a parking ticket and last night I locked myself out of my apartment when rushing off to the Red Sox game. Luckily the Sox won so my night wasn’t a total disaster!

Yesterday, my mom met me near my work for lunch. We wanted something healthy and I remembered reading about a organic cafe in Lowell, Life Alive, so that’s where we went. Life Alive is located in downtown Lowell but still felt off the beaten path a little, which was nice. It’s a small place with lots of color and character. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was very chill even though we visited at a busy time.

521 006

The menu is vegetarian and the menu is fairly small with a focus on “unprocessed, whole foods.”  We decided to share two wraps from the “Cool Meals” section of the menu. My mom chose “The Seeker” which was described as “spring mesculin greens, garlic-lemon hummus, granny apple slices, cashews, cucumber, shredded carrots, sunflower sprouts and a dollop of our Ginger Nama all rolled into a whole wheat tortilla.” Who would think to put all of that in a wrap? Especially nuts. It was really tasty though and the nuts gave the sandwich an extra crunch.

521 004

 I decided on “The Mystic Mountain” which was mesculin greens, sweet corn, celery, shredded carrots and beets, cucumber, sunflower seeds, sprouts, granny apple slices, and lemon parsley hummus in a whole wheat wrap. It was also really good with lots of flavor! The beet juice was a little drippy (is that a word?) and soaked through the wrap a little but that’s my own fault for not eating it fast enough! 😉 Sorry about my photo quality on this one.

521 005 

We quenched our thirst with Life Alive’s homemade iced tea of the day which was refreshing with a hint of mint. They have seating inside and outside and with the temp near 90 degrees yesterday, we chose to eat indoors. I would recommend this place for a healthy wrap made with care! They have salads and other healthy items too. 🙂