It’s a rainy day here in Massachusetts. It’s feels like early spring but it looks like we’ll have sun again for the weekend. I thought I would share one of my favorite weekday breakfasts with you.  It’s Cinnamon Puffins (Barbara’s Bakery brand) with mixed berries and skim milk. This breakfast is high in fiber (cereal and berries) and low in calories and fat. The skim milk also provides protein. This is even better during summer because berries are fresh (and usually on sale) around here. I love this breakfast because it’s quick and healthy! The entire breakfast is under 300 calories.

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Puffins also come in an orginial flavor, peanutbutter, multigrain and honey rice. The only other version I have tried is the orginial which are tasty as well! I ❤ puffins!

Have a great Wednesday!