When I was at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago, the selection of Honest Foods snack bars caught my eye. I’m always trying to find a snack that I can take on the run that isn’t full of preservatives or loaded with sugar. At first glance, the Honest Foods bars were small but I noticed that they were also dense. I decided to try the Choco Peanut Butter bar (two of my favorite things in a bar, how could I go wrong?).

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In the past, I’ve tried the 100 calorie bars but they never seem to fill me up and always leave me wanting something else. Plus many of the other bars out there have weird shapes, tastes and consistencies which sometimes gross me out. In my book, the more natural (tasting and looking) it is, the better. At 230 calories, my hope was that the Choco Peanut Butter bar was filling and satisfying.  

So, when my stomach was growling for a snack last weekend on the bus ride to NYC, I pulled out the Honest Foods bar and put it to the test. The bar was surprisingly flavorful and cookie-like. It really tasted like a homemade oatmeal/peanut butter cookie with a few pieces of chocolate and peanuts mixed in. I ate it in about 4-5 bites but was content. And, even an hour later, I wasn’t craving another snack. Score!

The Choco Peanut Butter bar has 10 grams of fat but it comes from healthy fats from nuts and nut butters as well as 6 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. While the bars are a bit pricey (I think I paid $2.29), I was impressed with the taste and consistency and look forward to trying other flavors soon.

Have you tried Honest Foods’ bars? What are your other favorite snack bars?