Earlier this week, I bought a whole roasted chicken from the grocery store and it’s really come in handy with my meal preparation. First, I used it in my quesadillas then I made a chicken and pesto wrap. The chicken was $3.99 at Market Basket and I literally have enough white meat chicken for six meals. Crazy, right? What a time saver! Of course, when chicken is the main ingredient in my meals, I’ll prepare the chicken myself but when it’s only an addition to the recipe, why not cheat a little? 🙂

The other night I was craving something with teriyaki or soy sauce (that’s a regular craving for me) but I also wanted something light and healthy. I came up with a little creation of Chicken Lettuce Wraps. (Ever had the ones at PF Chang’s? Yum!) My version is healthier and so easy!

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I bought Boston Lettuce and topped it with angel hair cabbage (coleslaw mix), thin carrot sticks, chicken and this Asian Ginger Dressing from allrecipes.com. The meal was light but flavorful with the dressing. Plus, it had a nice crunch. It’s a great meal for a summer night when you’re not looking for anything heavy.


Light Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Servings: 1


3 leaves, Boston lettuce

1 c. angel hair cabbage (coleslaw mix)

1/2 c. thin sliced carrot sticks, or shredded carrots

2 oz. white meat chicken, cooked

1/4 c. Asian Ginger Dressing (change the servings to 2 to get the accurate amount



1. Prepare Asian Ginger Dressing. Place in refrigerator to cool.

2. Lightly wash and dry lettuce leaves, place on a plate.

3. Top lettuce with cabbage, equal amounts on each leaf.

4. Top cabbage with carrots, equal amounts on each leaf.

5. Top vegetables with equal amounts of chicken.

6. Once dressing is cool, drizzle it over the lettuce wraps.

7. Enjoy!

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Note: I was dissapointed with the overall quality of the lettuce (which I purchased at Market Basket). While the other ingredients were also purchased there and were fresh, the lettuce had a few too many brown spots for my liking. Luckily, there were enough good leaves for this recipe. Sometimes, paying a little more means better quality. Just my two cents. 🙂 Don’t worry, I’m still a huge fan of their $3.99 whole roasted chicken!

On a side note, check out the pretty view of sky right now from my apartment building! Summer nights 🙂