Yesterday, I was thinking seafood for dinner. Something about the summer makes seafood even more appealing. It was the first time I had a chance to cook all week so I excited to try a new fish recipe. But what would it be? I was thinking halibut but then I decided it would be fun to try making crab cakes at home.

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This recipe from Cooking Light includes a recipe for the crab cakes plus the red pepper mayo (it was nice to not have to search around for a condiment recipe separately). Anyway, I swung by Whole Foods on my way home to pick up the ingredients (plus a few other things, I just can’t help myself). Whole Foods is like a playground for me. I love checking out new products I’ve never seen before and the bevy of prepared foods. I even strolled by the bakery where they have a little “desserts for one” section. I was very close to picking up a cupcake but my willpower saved me and I walked away. Too bad the mini candy bar at the register somehow ended up in my shopping bag ;).  It was calling my name, what can I say?

The crab cake dish was pretty easy to prepare. To save myself some time, I bought roasted red peppers in a jar, rather than roasting and peeling them myself. Other than that, I followed the recipe to a T. The crab cakes cooked quickly, even developing a nice crunchy outside. While the crab cakes were broilin’, I made the red pepper mayo.

Results: It was a very tasty meal! These crab cakes contain more crab than any typical restaurant crab cake and I also enjoyed the crunch and flavor from the breadcrumbs and veggies (red pepper, celery, onion). The red pepper mayo (so easy to make!) complimented the crab cakes and was sweet and smooth. Next time I’d add a bit more tabasco since I didn’t notice any spiciness. I also squeezed lemon on the crab cake for additional flavor. Seafood + lemon = yum! I’ll definitely make these again.

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