Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. Mine flew by and I even had Friday off!

Over the weekend, a few of my friends and I went to Newport, RI to get out of Boston for a while. Saturday was warm and sunny so it was a great day to be outside. If you don’t know of Newport, it’s a coastal town in Rhode Island and it’s popular in the summer with the many boat docks, beaches and activities for families to enjoy. There are a lot of cute restaurants and bars near the water as well as plenty of shopping! 

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While in Newport, we visited Newport Vineyards, which is about three miles from downtown. The Vineyard was pretty crowded with visitors (it was Saturday after all) but we were able to enjoy a wine tasting and tour (for $9)! The tasting was out favorite part because we were able to try wines we don’t normally drink. None of us know too much about wine but we branched out and tried some interesting ones anyway.

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Of the wine I tried, I am surprised to report I liked the Rose Pinot Noir and Landot Noir best. I normally lean towards white wines but I really like the reds and blushes better this time. The Rose Pinot Noir is described as “lively and dry, with hints of flowers, strawberries and perfume” and the Landot Noir is described as “a dark, soft and fragrant red wine with exciting complexities of cherry, plum and jam; gently pressed and aged in oak barrels.” Pretty fancy, huh? 🙂

The tour of the winery was just okay. Our tour guide was very passionate about winemaking so that was helpful but he said the best time to take a tour is when they are actually making wine in September and October. It was nice, however, to check out the vineyard up close and hear about the history of the company. In short, when the farmland was purchased in 1917, the owner was told grapes would never grow in Newport and his plan wouldn’t work. Starting small, the vineyard is now the largest grower of wine grapes in New England and has over 60 acres of grape vines. The winery has also won a handful of awards which is exciting for a company with such humble beginnings.

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What’s your favorite wine?