It’s been so hot and humid in Boston lately (not that I’m complaining, I’ll take this over snow any day)! During weather like this, I usually crave cool foods – like crunchy salads. I like salads but I do get bored with them sometimes. However, last night I made a salad-type meal for dinner and was it delicious!

I recently saw a recipe in Gourmet Magazine for Panzanella Caprese. Despite the fancy name (which I love because it sounds complicated), this dish was easy to prepare, different than a regular caprese salad and totally flavorful.

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I thought this recipe was great for multiple reasons. One, I had many of the ingredients on hand. Two, the main ingredient in this “salad” is tomatoes – one of my favorite vegetables (fruits?). And, three, there’s bread in this dish and I don’t mean on the side, but mixed right in! I bought a small loaf of Iggy’s Francese at Whole Foods and it was perfect (plus it’s local!).

I’m a huge fan of this recipe and it’s fancy name. This was a filling dinner salad but this would also make an excellent side dish to grilled chicken or fish – or for any summer BBQ. I made sure to make enough leftovers for a few lunches. Speaking of, it’s about lunch time and I know what I’m having. 🙂 Have a rest of the day!

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