Sorry for my disappearing act. I’ve actually been in Maine for the past few days (with limited Internet access). I’m not going to lie, it’s kinda nice to be away from the computer for a few days, especially away work-related stuff.
My family has been going to Maine for summer vacations since I can remember. In fact, we’ve visited the same town (Ogunquit) every year since I was born. Ogunquit is a beautiful seaside town in Southern Maine. It’s known for its amazing beach, excellent restaurants and the Marginal Way – a walking trail along the ocean’s cliffs.
Perkins Cove at sunset - Ogunquit, Me.

Perkins Cove at sunset - Ogunquit, Me.

As you might guess, we know the area pretty well by now. It’s great place to get away and enjoy some great ocean views, beach time and good food. Speaking of food, Maine’s specialty is LOBSTER.It’s almost a sin to visit Maine and not eat lobster.

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My brother's favorite restaurant, The Lobster Shack, in Ogunquit, Me.

Lobster is actually pretty popular throughout New England and shows up on the menus at McDonald’s, UNO’s and D’Angelo’s every summer. We actually see a lot of Red Lobster commercials around here but I don’t think there is a restaurant within 500 miles. It’s probably because the local restaurants make the best lobster! Red Lobster wouldn’t have a chance. Ok, so I’m a lobster snob. 😉

Back to Maine. I love taking day trips while we’re up North and this year I suggested that we check out the 62nd Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine. Little did I know, Rockland was 2+ hours from where we stay and it was a single lane highway for a good part of the ride. Oops! Luckily, my family didn’t mind (I would have normally whipped out the Mad Libs for our road trip but I didn’t dare). We made it to the Lobster Festival right around lunchtime last Friday. I really didn’t know what to expect (although I was hoping for lobster cooked 100 different ways!).

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The festival was really just a lobster-themed town carnival by the water.  And by lobster-themed, I mean 20,000 pounds of lobster are cooked up during the week-long event. Check out the giant steamer and steamer crates!

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Festival-goers could order chowder or a lobster roll (or hot dogs, fried dough, ice cream and the list goes on) but the main food tent consisted of fresh lobster dinners.  Mmm!

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My family ordered a triple lobster dinner to share which came with a dinner roll and corn. We bought extra corn and coleslaw to share as well.

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Three lobster dinner

We all agreed that the lobster was delicious – the  best we’ve had! I don’t know if the theme of the festival just came over us or what but sitting with strangers under a tent  at a picnic table covered in lobster and buttery goodness was totally fun and seriously tasty!

On our way back to Ogunquit, we stopped in Freeport, Maine which is the home of L.L. Bean. If you’re a fan of L.L. Bean, this is the place for you. They seriously have five giant buildings of merchandise, everything from apparel to boots to kayaks to fishing poles to skis to hunting supplies…everything! They have a lot of outlet stores too – Banana Republic, J Crew, Nine West, etc.

It was a good pit stop until it started raining. At that point, my mom and I grabbed a lobster roll to go (my dad shaking his head like we’re crazy) and ran back to the car. Yes, we shared a lobster roll as a snack after we ate a lobster dinner less than three hours before. We were a little lobstered-out by the end of that day but it was so worth it!

What’s your favorite food festival??