While in Maine over the weekend, my family and I went to have breakfast at a place we’ve been going for years, Merriland Farm in Wells, Maine. It’s off the beaten path so it’s not quite as touristy as the other breakfast spots in the area but the food is always delicious. The breakfast menu is focused on berry dishes (from berries grown on-site) but also has quite a few other options as well. My family has always been a fan of Merriland Farm’s tea breads and crepes – and they seem to grow bigger every time we visit.

Merriland Farm is a family-owned business which includes a cafe and par-3 golf course. The golf course is unique because it was designed among the family’s berry fields. We also made time for golf last week and as we were making our way around the course we passed multiple patches of blueberry bushes. The family grows and picks the berries for the cafe and even make their own jams and pies.

Growing up, I remember Merriland Farm as a small cafe for breakfast but over the years they have grown and done renovations and now serve lunch (as well as dinner on the weekend). Check out more about the cafe here.

Over the weekend my mom and I shared a Mixed Berry Tea Bread, as a little appetizer of course. 🙂 The bread was extremely moist and full of berries!

810 001

My mom chose the Crepes for breakfast, which was actually one big crepe stuffed with berries and topped with whipped cream. Check out the berry goodness!

810 003

I chose the  Baked Blueberry French Toast which was described on the menu as “baked bread in a maple custard stuffed with cream cheese and blueberries then topped with a warm blueberry compote & whip cream.” I was actually a little skeptical because I’m not normally a fan of custard-type fillings but mixed the the cream cheese and berries, it was great combination of flavors and I really enjoyed it.

810 002

My dad chose to go the egg route and had the Sausage Confetti Omelet which was described as “sweet Italian sausage sautéed with sweet bell peppers, onions and filled with mozzarella cheese.” It was deliciously huge and overstuffed with fillings! His omelet came with a side of Russett Potato Gaufrettes, which are unique but fantastic. Think of a thin (almost chip-like), mostly crunchy waffle fry and you get gaufrettes! They are a nice alternative to homefries.  

810 005

 I would have included photos from our golf adventure but I didn’t want to horrify you with my terrible golfing skills! Maybe next year 😉