If you’re familiar with Glamour Magazine, you know they are famous for their Dos and Don’ts section which normally features fashion faux pas (and pretty outrageous ones at that!). Well, I like fashion but this isn’t that kind of blog. Instead, I bring you the Dos and Don’ts of Mexican Food. You’re on the edge of your seat, right?

Sometimes I struggle with choosing a meal when I’m eating out. I normally browse the menu and multiple items look appetizing to me. I have the angel on my shoulder telling me to order the healthy option and the devil on my other shoulder pushing me to splurge. Well, last night the devil won when I went out for Mexican food. I have read so much on healthy eating that I know what a should order but I usually order what I want instead. I’m working on that balance. 😉

But, I’m giving myself a break because last night was my roommate’s birthday celebration and we were in a bit of party mode for a Wednesday. A group of us met at the Border Cafe in Harvard Square for dinner and drinks. The Border Cafe is a Mexican restaurant with Cajun flare. It’s unique, always packed and the food is awesome. Plus, the decor is rustic with Christmas lights added for charm(?).

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Anyway, I ordered Frozen Sangria for a drink (as did five other people). It was huge (for under $5) and a great drink for a hot Boston night. For dinner, the Shrimp and Crawfish Quesadilla just jumped out at me. I wish it had more vegetables and less cheese but it was amazing. I mean, can there ever be too much cheese? The cheese had a great flavor to it and it was gooey and just perfect in the quesadillas. Oh, and let’s not forget that Border Cafe gave us an abundant supply of warm, homemade tortilla chips with salsa to start. Mmm.

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While I greatly enjoyed my meal and last night as a whole, I am going to make myself feel better (and maybe offer some education) on what smart choices are all about when ordering Mexican. If you’d rather not know, look away now.


DO indulge on salsa but limit your intake of tortilla chips

DON’T order margaritas or other fruity drinks if you’re watching your calories

DO order a light beer or a glass of wine if water isn’t doing the trick

DON’T forget your veggies; find something on the menu where vegetables are a central ingredient

DO order fajitas – veggie, shrimp and chicken are your best bet

DON’T eat the flour tortillas that come with the fajitas – if you can help it

DO limit your intake of sour cream and cheese

DON’T forget that guacamole is a relatively healthy alternative to sour cream (yay for avocados!)

DO order corn tortillas if you can skip the flour ones – you’ll save some calories and add grains

DON’T feel the need to finish everything on your plate

DO enjoy your meal and time with friends

DON’T stress about meal choice, just eat something healthier for your next meal

DO splurge every so often – we only live once!