I’m one of those people in the grocery store who will stand in front of a product for a good two or three minutes deciding if it should make it into my cart. I’m not like this with necessities (milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables) but one thing I always pick up and hold and read the label of (before putting it back on the shelf) is granola. I always want to buy it but then I think it’s too pricey or the ingredients aren’t that great or it has too many calories for a tiny serving.

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Well last week I was perusing Cooking Light’s website, I came across a recipe for Power Granola. Not only did the recipe seem pretty straightforward, I also had the majority of ingredients on hand. I love when that happens!

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The granola turned out really well and was extremely simple. It makes about five 1/2 cup servings and each serving is under 200 calories. The main tip I have for this recipe is the continue to toss/stir the granola every five minutes when it’s baking to ensure you don’t overcook it. At first it seemed a little too moist, even after cooking for the full-time, but I took it out of the oven anyway. I found that, once the granola dried out, it becomes crunchy. I portioned the granola out into five baggies so I could grab it all week to add to yogurt, eat as cereal with milk and put into pancakes.

That brings me to the second part of my post – Granola Pancakes. Back to impulse purchases that I mull over in the store, Fiber One pancake mix is one of these items. However, I did have a coupon so it made the decision time a bit shorter. The conversation in my head went something like: “Do I need this? Not really. But I have a coupon. Ok, fine.”  Anyway, the Fiber One pancake mix came home with me and one morning this week I came up with the idea to put granola in the pancakes to add a little crunch.

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When we’re on vacation in Maine, one of my mom’s favorite breakfasts is a “nutty waffle” at one of the local restaurants. It’s really just nuts mixed into waffle batter then made into a Belgian waffle. So, that’s probably where my idea sparked from. My pancakes were very flavorful and light. Three pancakes = 190 calories and 5 grams of fiber! (Add a 1/4 c. granola and your breakfast is still under 300 calories). The addition of granola added texture and a nice sweetness to the pancakes. I would recommend the Fiber One pancake mix. (You can get a free Fiber One sample and $5 in coupons on their website). 

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