For months now, I’ve seen Bakerella create all kinds of cake pops (cake on a stick, coated in chocolate) on her blog. She is very talented and creative. Then I started seeing other bloggers try their hand at cake pops and finally, this past weekend, I made my own. I have to say these things are tougher to create than you’d think and a bit time consuming too. It was my first time making cake pops so I’m sure the process gets easier with practice. And, yes, I will be making them again because they are DELICIOUS.

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This past weekend, my family and I participated in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memory Walk. My grandfather passed away last December after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a terrible disease that not only takes a toll on the person suffering from Alzheimer’s but their caregiver, family and friends too. It’s very hard to see someone you know so well become incapable of caring for and expressing themself. On Sunday, I participated in the walk for the third time and the crowd of people walking seemed larger than ever. Our team alone had 45 people walking in memory of my grandfather as well as in honor and in memory of three other Alzheimer’s sufferers that my family came to know during my grandfather’s time in a nursing home.

My aunt is the leader of our team and does a lot to coordinate our walking team’s participation in the event including recruiting walkers and raising money. On top of that, she hosts a BBQ at her house after the walk. This year I made cake pops as dessert/favors. I followed Bakerella’s lead and they turned out great. I chose to purple candy melts to coat the pops because that’s the Alzheimer’s Association color. 

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The process is fairly simple but does take time. Believe me, the results are worth it! Check out Bakerella’s step-by-step instructions here. These are the directions I followed. I just used a different color of candy melts and used white sprinkles to decorate the pops – instead of an edible ink pen.

Here is the process in photos/captions…enjoy!

Ingredients/supplies needed: cake mix (may require oil and eggs), can of frosting, candy melts (1 pound bag), lolly pop sticks, styrofoam block. (Optional ingredients/supplies: sprinkles, cellophane bags, and ribbon)

1. Bake a cake using a mix. (I used a Devil’s Food flavor)

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  2. Let the cake cool completely before crumbling it into pieces. Once crumbled, add about 3/4 can of cake frosting (I used chocolate) to the cake and mix well.

914 002

3. With the cake/frosting mix, create about 35-45 balls of cake and place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

914 003

4. Melt a small amount of candy in the microwave (for 30 seconds then stir and melt for additional time if needed).  Coat each lolly pop stick with a half inch of melted chocolate and place in cake ball.

914 005

5. Place pops in freezer for 20-30 minutes, allowing them to set. Melt additional candy to coat the cake balls. Once you coat each cake ball, twirl and tap lightly to shake off additional chocolate. Top with sprinkles and set in styrofoam to harden.

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6. If you’re using the cake pops as favors, insert each one into a clear plastic bag and tie a ribbon to close it. Beautiful!

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