I read a lot of food blogs every week, a lot. I always see many recipes I want to make and restaurants I want to try. But, as you can imagine, I’m only one person and don’t have the time to cook, bake and eat out all the time (that would be my dream although my pants may not fit anymore!).

Instead of just bookmarking some of my favorite posts every week and keeping them to myself, I thought I would share these posts with you. Generous of me, right?  I’ll call them my Friday Favs. Here are my Favs for the week of October 11th (there’s a dessert theme this week, hope you like sweets!)…

  • Oooey Gooey Fudge Brownies at How Sweet It Is – These brownies look amazing, I mean, to die for. Fudgy, fudgy, fudgy. Jessica at How Sweet It Is describes the method of adding marshmallows which melt away as the brownies bake making them gooey. How delicious does that sound? I need to make these and so do you! Check out Jessica’s blog, her writing style is witty and very amusing.
  • Pumpkin Spice Magic Bar Mini’s at Picky Palate – You know my thing with fall-themed desserts lately. I love seven layer bars so this recipe caught my eye. With the combination of flavors and drizzle of caramel, I know I couldn’t eat just one. Check out Jenny’s recipe and her amazing food photography – drool worthy for sure!
  • Magic In The Middle Cookies at What Megan’s Making – These cookies are a must bake for any peanut butter and chocolate lovers out there. These are going on my Christmas cookie list for sure. Who wouldn’t want to bite into a chocolate cookie to find peanut butter in the middle? My brother is one of the biggest peanut butter lovers I know, maybe I should make this treat for him! (The nice sister that I am…)

Happy Friday Everyone and Happy Baking!