Don’t you agree? I think it’s the name – Meat. Loaf. I mean, really, who wants to eat a loaf of meat? Ick!

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Meatloaf was that lunch in the school cafeteria that smelled a little funny and nobody would eat. You know, scary mystery meat!

But to be honest, I like meatloaf. Especially when I make it (it’s not a mystery that way). Weirdly enough, meatloaf was one of the first dinners I made when I graduated college and had a place of my own. Back then, I followed this recipe for Glazed Meatloaf II from  It came out good! I remember being so impressed with myself. It was moist and flavorful with a nice tangy sauce.

Over time, I made it again but it became healthier – I used whole wheat bread, half ground turkey/half ground beef, and two egg whites instead of an egg. It was still great and no one knew it was pretty healthy. Side note: guys tend to love meatloaf (and, meat in general). This is sure to be a hit with the guys and it’s (secretly) healthy too. 😉

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While reading Cusine at Home a few months ago, I came across a recipe for Skinny Meatloaf. It was very similar to my beloved Glazed Meatloaf but there were a few differences, including the use of a turkey/pork/beef mixture (I didn’t use pork), panko breadcrumbs instead of bread and mustard in the glaze instead of lemon juice. I had to give it a try (don’t hate me Glazed Meatloaf). It was super easy to prepare and I was excited to put this Skinny Meatloaf up to the test. Could it replace old Glazed II?

The Results?

A tie! Both meatloaves are delicious. Really. I am going to learn to love them both. The flavors are both very similar and both recipes produce a tasty moist meatloaf. I served the Cuisine at Home Skinny version with sauteed spinach. It was a great weeknight meal and left me with lots of leftovers. Health-wise, the Cuisine at Home version has 250 calories for two 3/4 inch slices. Not bad at all!

While I can’t share the recipe for the Cuisine at Home version (the recipe isn’t online but other free recipes are – click here), the version is available for your cooking pleasure. If you’re interested in trying the Cuisine at Home version, email me!

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Do you like meatloaf? Or am I the only one?