As I mentioned yesterday, the recipes on have been pretty appetizing lately. Today I bring you Stuffed Zucchini with Sausage or what I like to call Stuffed Zucchini Boats, because it’s more fun. I know, I know, another “stuffed” dish. Maybe I do have a problem. 😉 What can I say? I guess I love stuffed vegetable recipes and this one is no different.

Preparing these stuffed zucchini “boats” was super easy and the result was extremely tasty! To make this dish healthier, I used fresh chicken sausage instead of regular and didn’t use the ground beef at all. I also used whole wheat bread crumbs. These simple changes shave a chunk of calories off this dish so you can enjoy it without any guilt. Whole Foods has a great selection of chicken sausage at the meat counter and it was very simple to get the sausage out of its casing (but, don’t worry, I didn’t take photos of that step since it’s not too pretty).

This is another great weeknight meal that is sure to be bursting with flavor!

Greater Boston Food Bank’s Turkey Drive

Do you have $12 to spare before Thanksgiving? I know money is tight for most people these days but just a $12 donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank will ensure a family in need has a 12-14 lb. turkey for Thanksgiving. Nearly 2,500 turkeys have already been donated but they have a long way to go. Just think, for under $25, you can be sure two families aren’t struggling to put food on the table this year. I made a donation yesterday and it feels great to know that families facing tough times will have as good of a meal as my family next week. Participate in the Greater Boston Food Bank’s Turkey Drive today!