I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving! My family celebrated Thanksgiving a little differently this year, we went to a restaurant. My parents normally host everyone but we decided to simplify things this year by dining at Salem Cross in West Brookfield, MA. My parents invited everyone back to their house for dessert.

I have to say I was skeptical about dining out for Thanksgiving but our meal was delicious and if you’re going to eat out, Salem Cross is the place to be. The restaurant is very rustic and charming and was nicely decorated for the holiday. The meal was full of traditional Thanksgiving foods so it was as close to a home cooked meal as you can get.

My family always over does it when it comes to dessert and this year wasn’t any different. We had four kinds of pies (apple, pumpkin, berry and chocolate cream), pumpkin whoopie pies, cupcakes and pumpkin cake! 

My contribution was turkey cupcakes from Martha Stewart Cupcakes and a gluten-free maple frosted pumpkin cake from Karina’s Kitchen

The cupcakes turned out cute and were very tasty but they took a lot of time! The recipe calls for toasted coconut marshmallows and I couldn’t find them anywhere! I went to four grocery stores without any luck so I made my own by frosting the marshmallows and coating them in toasted coconut. If you have a little patience, try these cupcakes next year and your guests will sure be impressed.

The maple frosted pumpkin cake received rave reviews so I was thankful for that. It was moist and full of flavor – you’d never guess it was gluten-free. I was excited that my Dad enjoyed it because having celiac disease can sometimes put a damper on enjoying holiday goodies. He also enjoyed a few pies that were made with a gluten-free pie crust. The women in his life are pretty good to him! 😉

What was your favorite Thanksgiving dessert this year?

I think I’m still on a sugar high from the long weekend but I’ll be back tomorrow with a healthy recipe. Promise.

Have a great Monday!