Not surprisingly, I love this time of year for the food!

For the past few years, my friends and I have gathered for a cookie swap around the holidays. This past weekend was our swap party. A lot of people have different “rules” for their swap, but we pretty much each make a few dozen cookies then everyone gets together to taste them and take a big plate home. I love the variety we all end up with! It’s a great time and my friends and I always enjoy ourselves. Girl talk and cookies, you can’t go wrong.

My friends are quite the bakers…I’m always impressed by everyone’s creativity. They go all out! And my friend who hosted the party decorated her house adorably for the holidays, so it made the party even more festive.

Here’s an overview in photos.  Check out the variety!

In addition to a cookie swap, we added a Yankee Swap to the party this year. This is another game that can have a lot of rules but I like the way we play.

Everyone brings a wrapped gift and then picks a number out of a hat. We had 14 people so everyone got a number, 1-14. The person who is #1 picks a gift first and unwraps it. The person with #2 picks another gift, unwraps it and decides if she wants to keep it or take #1’s gift. This goes on through everyone and then, at the end of the game, #1 decides if she wants the gift she has at the time or switch with anyone. #1 is in the best position because she sees all the unwrapped gifts before she decides what to keep. 

Confused? It’s a pretty funny game, between the creativity of the gifts and seeing who ends up with what!

Do you participate in any holiday “swaps”? What’s your favorite one?