I’ve totally been MIA for the past week, sorry about that! I was traveling for work last week and was away over the weekend too. The busy life I lead. 😉

Last week I showed you the drool-worthy photos from my friend’s cookie swap. I actually still have cookies left due to all of my traveling. Normally, this would never happen.

But, I never told you which cookies I baked. I saw a recipe for Fudge-Filled Pecan Sandies a few months ago in a magazine special from Taste of Home and knew I had to try them. Snowball cookies are the Christmas version of Pecan Sandies, in my opinion. They tend to be buttery, moist and crumbly. Top it with chocolate fudge and you just can’t beat this cookie!

While it’s not a light treat, it’s a great cookie for the holiday season and they were pretty easy to whip up too. While the cookies baked, I prepared the chocolate fudge and put it into a pastry bag. I actually had a lot of chocolate left over because my cookies turned out larger than expected. I would suggest rolling the cookies into 1 inch balls to create a more bite-size treat.

What’s your favorite holiday cookie?