You read that right. Calorie-free cupcakes. Not that they are edible but they sure are adorable. As I mentioned last week, I received a lot of cupcake-themed gifts for Christmas this year. My friends and family know how to make me smile!
Want to see my gifts? Of course you do. Check ’em out!
A cupcake kit. Look how adorable these liners are.
More goodies. A cupcake mix, ceramic cupcake with lid and notecards.

Now I can write some sweet notes.

Look at this! A cupcake carrier from Tupperware. It’s great because it’s a cake holder too, by flipping the bottom peice. Neat!

And, last but not least, a cupcake charm for my Pandora bracelet. My brother gave it to me. Good job, Andrew!

I love my cupcake goodies! What will they think of next??