Happy 2010! I can’t believe we’re 10 years into a new millenium. Time flies! I feel like just yesterday we were talking Y2K and I was about to graduate high school.

I don’t normally set resolutions for the new year but, today, I starting thinking about changes I’d like to make. Not surprisingly, most of my “resolutions” are food-related. Shocking, I know.

Here are my thoughts on food resolutions for 2010…

1. Eat more whole foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) and less processed ones.

2. Buy and eat more locally grown/produced foods.

3. Learn to like exercise as much as I like food. (This one could be tough but I’d like to run a 10K!)

4. Drink more water!

5. Live the “everything in moderation” motto.

6. Be more conscience of where and how my food has been grown, especially meat and produce.

7. Cook more without relying on a recipe.

8. Try new restaurants and support my old favorites, too.

9. Stick to my grocery and dining out budget

10. Enjoy every bite of desserts.

Do you believe in resolutions? What food resolutions would you like to make in 2010?