Having more than cereal or toast for breakfast is rare for me. During the week, I’m always eating breakfast just before running out the door. On the weekends, breakfast is sometimes more leisurely, especially when it includes a visit to a diner or other local restaurant in Somerville. Kelly’s Diner is one of my favorite places with Sound Bites and the Neighborhood Restaurant rounding out my top three.

This past weekend, however, I made Ellie Krieger’s Peach French Toast Bake at home. I didn’t have a chance to participate in Craving Ellie in My Belly last week but still cooked one of Ellie’s recipes from her cookbook, The Food You Crave. So far, all of the recipes I’ve tried have been winners – including this one. 

Not only did this dish taste great, it was extremely easy to prepare. The recipe suggests you prepare the French toast the night before, allowing it to sit chilled over night. Sunday morning, I just pulled my dish from the fridge and popped it in the oven. In about 35 minutes, I had a hearty (but healthy) breakfast.

I halved the recipe and followed the exact instructions otherwise. The French toast came out great in my opinion but I did find that one side of the “toast” was cooked a bit more than the other side. I didn’t mind, but if you prefer a more evenly baked French toast, I would suggest turning the bread over about 15-20 minutes into the baking process. That would be sure to brown all sides. Once out of the oven, I immediately added a little maple syrup and breakfast was served. Delish!

I am looking forward to trying this dish again and again. The combinations of bread and fruit are endless. I’m thinking of trying cinnamon raisin bread topped with apples. I bet it would be amazing!

What’s your favorite kind of French toast?