Friday is here! And, surprisingly, the sun is shining in Boston. It’s going to be short-lived as the clouds and rain will come back later today but it’s sure nice to see the sun. Due to the rain storm last night, my gym lost power and of course I didn’t know it until I arrived at 6:30 am! I was forced to change my plans and run outside today but it was a nice break from the treadmill. I hadn’t run outside in months until today. Spring is on its way!

Anyway, I meant to post this yesterday but the day got away from me. On Wednesday, I mentioned a dinner party I was having with a little cooking club I’m a part of. This month’s theme was mediterranean food and we had quite the spread!

Our group went all out making pizza, stuffed grape leaves, moussaka, olive tapenade, barley salad, shrimp and feta pasta, gnocchi, homemade red sauce, rice, and Greek salad. Everything was delicious!

I did my part by making homemade hummus, which was super easy, and a spanakopita (or spinach pie). For the hummus, I followed a recipe from (love that website!). I doubled the recipe which resulted in about 2.5 cups of hummus. If you have a blender or food processor, the hummus is so quick to throw together. (One tip: after draining the chick peas, I reserved the juice to help thin out the hummus when pureeing it. It worked out great.) I highly recommend this recipe.

The spanakopita recipe came from another favorite resource of mine, Cooking Light. This dish is typically made with spinach but this recipe called for swiss chard which is a heartier green. I really liked this recipe and it was also an easy one! One change I would make in the future is actually doubling the filling. I loved the flavor combination of swiss chard, feta and parmesan cheese and think the recipe would work even better with more of it. I’ll be making this again for sure.

What are your weekend plans? I am taking a cake decorating class tomorrow in Boston and also celebrating my friend Karen’s 30th birthday this weekend! Should be FUN!

Happy weekend!