Hello! How’s your week going? Mine is flying by and I’m looking forward to the warm weather we’re expecting in Boston this weekend! We’re due for some nice weather after all the rain we’ve had.

As you know, I’m part of the Craving Ellie in My Belly cooking club and this week’s pick was Miso Glazed Cod. I’ve actually made this dish a while back and posted it here. In place of cod, I used another white fish, tilapia. The dish turned out pretty tasty and I also made a side of Ellie’s Sesame Stir-fried Chinese Greens which were delicious too! I really like bok choy because it has a different taste and texture than spinach or another common green.

I’ll have a new recipe in a few days so stay tuned. I’m trying to cook as often as I can before my work travel begins again in a few weeks.

Have a great Thursday!